Diploma In Biblical Studiesk to edit me.

The Diploma in Biblical Studies is for students who have passed the certificate (or similar) and they desire in-depth knowledge of the Word. At the end of this course you will be positioned to effectively serve in a leadership role in a local church espousing deeper biblical truths through the knowledge attained. You will be able to discern what a cult is and what a bible based church looks like. The diploma provides you with necessary tools to run cell groups or similar by delivering a balanced approach to the scriptures. This diploma is highly recommended for everyone who wants to grow in the knowledge of Christ.

Course Duration: 1 year

Lessons Per week:  One 2hr physical lesson AND one online lesson (resource download and video lecture)

Exams & Assignments
• Assignments will be given throughout the duration of each subject
• Students will sit for an exam towards the end of every semester
• Students will sit for a test at the end of every subject.

Semester Dates:    Dates to be Avised

Second Year Ministry Downloads

​Registered Students are able to access all available and privileged resources by logging into the first year student portal